Scaffold Inspection & Scaffolding Certification

Premier Access provides a scaffold inspection service throughout Lincolnshire, providing peace of mind and complying with all current safety regulations and requirements.

We provide this as both a separate service and an integral part of our scaffolding services.

Once the scaffold has been completed, the customer will receive a Scaffold Handover Certificate, alongside supporting certificates. If requested a Scaffold Tag system can be provided.

We also provide weekly scaffold inspections, using the 'green tag' system. We ensure these are prominently visible at all scaffold access points. We will complete your scaffold register on site, at the same time recording it in our system.

Tag systems and the law

Although tags are not a legal requirement, it is required by law that an inspection takes place every 7 days.

The inspection must be carried out by a competent person, both on completion of the scaffolding and at least weekly from that point on.

Scaffold Inspections - Responsibility

  • Scaffolding must be inspected following completion and before first use
  • Checked at intervals of no more than 7 days
  • Following circumstances that may have undermined integrity of the structure, such as unauthorised adaptions and adverse weather conditions

All scaffolding inspections are carried out by a competent person, with the training and experience needed for the complexity and type of scaffold. All of our inspectors are qualified and hold full C.I.S.R.S. qualifications and have undergone specific training in various scaffold systems.